How to calculate the size of your bets

One of the biggest challenges facing every bettor is betting determine the correct size. Some people think that this question there is a universal answer. That is not true. The ideal size of your bets is determined by several factors, which practically every different bookies. Below you will find 5 questions that you need in determining the size of bets answer:

1) How much you bankroll?

Obvious questions. If your bankroll CZK 10 000, it can be any size of your bet calmly 300 CZK. But if you have to bet identified only 1000 CZK, so the size of the bet you justify some hardly. It depends on how much you want to risk it. The general recommendation is that one bet, you should make up 3-5% of your bankroll. Anything higher than 5% is already extreme and unsustainable in the long term solution.

Stable (and reasonable) size of bets is a big psychological advantage – if your bankroll represents a certain number of bets, then you know that you can still lose x times, without having to worry that you will not have enough money to losing money get back. Thanks to nezpanikaříte and do so better betting decisions.

2) What is your style of betting?

The size of your betting unit depends a lot on how to bet access. There are now two important factors. First, you must realize how often you bet – bet even 10 daily sweepstakes or prefers quality over quantity?

The second important point is whether the size of your bets stable. You gamble at each tip the same amount? Or you bet a large sum when you think you’ve found a betting advantage? If you play aggressive styling and suddenly you are able to bet and the amount corresponding need 5-6 betting units, possibly playing for more than would be appropriate.

3) How much you risk averse?

This point is clear at first glance, but most bettors do it ignores considerable extent, which is a huge mistake. The size of your betting unit depends mainly on how much risk. You bet with high odds with the prospect of big wins? In this case, you must be clear that winning comes only occasionally, so it is reasonable to make your betting unit is too large. If you rather to “turtle” – someone who rather keep above ground and betting on lower courses may be your betting unit is slightly higher.

It is very important that you have on this issue ourselves up to be honest. That way you’ll know what form you choose bankroll of Management.

4) What type of bets you prefer?

There is no problem. The smaller % of successful bets have expected, the longer it may be your bad series betting and betting the more units you need. So if you are betting mainly batteries, must logically be your betting unit smaller than when you bet on individual results separately. In such a case, you will (logically) to win more often.

Many bettors make the mistake that relies exclusively by batteries. But this can only afford a more experienced punters. It is hard enough to correctly predict the outcome of one, let alone three, for example.

5) What is your goal for the year?

Size bets depends also from betting your goals. If you want eg. For football year to achieve a relatively small profit and build your bankroll gradually nicely, you can use a relatively small betting units, thus minimizing the impact of variance and relatively easy to survive a bad betting series.

A relatively large percentage of people, however, a slow but consistent growth anymore. Betting is often attractive because Watching the match for them is much greater experience when they have wagered on it and of course because they want some big wins (but this is usually not completely happy approach). Such punters do not mind the risk, so their betting unit is usually much larger.

How big are the bankroll betting limits?

Selection of adequate size bankroll

This point needs to be (re) emphasize – Make sure that you have identified your betting a certain amount you can afford for a certain period even lose.

When selecting this particular sum, there are many factors on which you can rely. Of course it depends on your personal preferences. In this lesson, you will find 5 basic ways to select the size of the betting bankroll.

1) Weekly average
This method is probably not easy, so its implementation is easy even for beginners bookies. It works so that you can calculate the amount that you bet on every week and then multiply that by the number of weeks in a year.

If you normally put on betting $50 a week, then multiply this sum by the number of weeks (52) and reached the final sum of $2,600.

Of course, the weekly sum for each person is different, so you must make sure that you carefully calculate your own weekly average. Otherwise you would have come to an inaccurate result.

A large amount of important information about managing your money, see the articles Bankroll management for beginners and for advanced Bankroll management.

2) Monthly average
This method is similar to the weekly average. The only difference is that you calculate the amount that you bet on every month and then multiply by the twelve.

If you bet on $100 a month, you will be released after multiplying the sum of $1,200 yearly. Again, the monthly amount for each person will be different, so you must make sure that you carefully calculate their own monthly average.

3) The percentage size of bets
The third option is to choose the size of your bankroll by specific size of the individual bets. For example, we calculate that for every bet you 2-5% of your bankroll (ie. Use multiplication in the range 20-50).

If you decide to greater risk (5% of your bankroll on one betting opportunity) and usually once bet $ 50, you must have a bankroll of $1 000th

On the way lower the risk is to define the 2% bankroll on one betting opportunity. If you usually bet on one occasion you bet $50, you must have a bankroll of $2500 size.

With this method, you can choose any number in the range of 2-5%. Some punters are willing to bet on one occasion even bet 10% of your bankroll, however, this approach is not sensible. We recommend that you really keep the margin of 2-5%.

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